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One way to save money is to use printable coupons. The advantage of using printable coupons is that many of the printable coupons available are not found in the newspaper inserts so if you collect insert coupons and print some at home, you'll have a greater variety of coupons for different products. Another advantage of printable coupons is that sometimes there are very high value coupons, and you should print those right away because most printables are available for a limited time. New coupons are added and refreshed throughout the month, with the greatest amount of new coupons available at the beginning of every month.

Sometimes, it's a good idea to try different zip codes on the printable coupon page because just like insert coupons, some printable coupons are only available in certain regions.

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Coupon Clipping Services

If you find that a coupon was not issued in your region, but you know it is available, you can order from a clipping service. These services do not charge a fee for the coupon itself but rather for clipping and packaging the coupons for you. Clipping services are especially advantageous if you should desire multiples of one coupon because it is for a product that you use regularly and you want to stockpile it.

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The Coupon Clippers

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